Well done!

Today, the English language is a universal communicator that encompasses
this world. Being able to understand and communicate in English opens up a
whole new realm of information and content, and it enables you to speak with
nearly anyone from anywhere. It quite literally connects you to so much more
out there.
Now, proficiency can be acquired in different ways, and many likely do so by
listening to things on the Internet and picking up new words. Some deliberately
integrate English into everyday life, by switching the language of an OS, for
example. And some seek certification to be able to prove this dedication. And
those are, partly, who this assessment is meant for.
Initially, the weekly ‘preparation-lesson’ would see a classroom-sized
attendance, but the size of our group continuously shrunk; this, as I view it,
created an environment that nurtured development to a more personal degree.
You learn subtle, contextually specific techniques to deal with, and grasp, text
and dialogue, enabling a more accurate and efficient process. These are
developed along with examples of the exam, allowing for deliberate practice.
There are multiple parts to the assessment: speaking, listening, reading, and
writing. The execution of which, while new, feels familiar. It reflects your
strengths and gives you feedback on areas you may want to improve.
Specifically, the oral assessment necessitates a combination of the
fundamental qualities of being responsive and eloquent, it provides you with
the opportunity to display the most evolved and unreserved representation of
your proficiency, in contrast to being a silent dictionary for example.
Significantly, attending the assessment may reinforce your confidence in your
proficiency and is a good way for those who have dedicated time and effort to
advancing individual language skills to have physical proof of such ambition,
which is helpful to have when applying for certain fields of work and
And finally, it is quite remarkable to see how evident interest in advancing one’s
proficiency has become; those assessed in 2022 have been the most
successful group from this school yet, with a few achieving the highest
possible grade, and the earned, good-looking certificates demonstrate this.

Written by Lars Erik Spurr